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Our Mission :: Create a new generation of professional Latin-Jazz dancers.

Our classes are free and available to the public, therefore we rely on donations from our group members in order for us to cover the studio rental fee.
We suggest a donation amount of $5 for joining us for one hour, or $10 for two hours. This allows us to continue supporting our community and members with a safe space for practicing and sharing our love of dance!


Class Schedule & Structure :: Classes are held on Saturdays from 4:30pm to 6:30pm (CST). (In the event that class is canceled we will post the cancellation on our Facebook page.)

The two hour practice sessions are broken into three parts...

  • Jazz Warm-up (15 minutes)
    • Learn the basics of jazz and professional dancing to improve your strength, posture, and stamina.
  • Latin Concepts (45 minutes)
    • Each week this section of the practice will be a focused on one of four Latin dances--Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, or Cha-cha-cha.
    • Jazz concepts are integrated into the lessons to help take you from street-performer to professional-grade moves.
    • Visit our Facebook page to know which we will be focusing on that week if you are interested in something specific!
  • Choreography/Performance Practice (1 hour)
    • For those interested in performing with the group, the remaining hours will be used for learning and preparing choreographies created by our resident Choreographer.
    • Our choreographies span the full range of dance concepts and are the intellectual property of the Intuition Dance Company.


Member Rules :: As a member of IDC, we ask that you follow our three rules...

  1. Work Hard - We welcome dancers of all levels, so give each practice 100% and achieve your full dance potential!
  2. Loyalty - Keep our choreographies private and be open about involvement in other competitive dance teams. We do not allow video recordings during practices.
  3. Professionalism - Treat other dancers with respect and consideration for their dance level and privacy. For those involved in our choreographies, be considerate of your dance partner and attend classes regularly or notify them when you are unable to join.


If you have the dedication to improve your dance, you will find ample opportunity to achieve your goals with Intuition Dance Company.


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